1 v 1 Mentoring 

We provide virtual mentoring sessions for individuals that is seeking support in their efforts to achieve a goal, dream and or aspiration in life.

Motivational & Public Speaking


We provide both virtual and in-person speaking events where we combine motivation, education and inspiration in all of our speeches, workshops and presentations to impact our audience

Leadership & Career Development


One of our goals here at Faith and Effort is to develop the next leaders, both young and old. Our focus is to help individuals understand the nature of leadership, identify current leadership skills, and develop new ones. This focus helps individuals elevate to that next level of leadership.

When it comes to career development, Faith and Effort utilizes job skill classes and trainings to develop individuals key skills that will benefit them as they navigate their career path, begin a new career path or even start their own business. 

Master classes

We provide virtual classes for aspiring entrepreneurs that feel stuck in their early stages of their journey and those aspiring entrepreneurs that are looking to get started but don't know how.

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