Recent Speaking Engagements

  • WESTOP Southern California Student Leadership Conference: Finding the Leader Within.

  • The Black Student Union at Millersville University: The Soundtrack to the Black Experience 

  • The Newlin Foundation: Create, Cultivate, and Elevate your life.

  • Student Leadership and Development Conference: Creating YOUR Design Lifestyle.

  • Changing Lives By Fostering Success Jazz Breakfast: GROW through what You GO through.

  • Alpha Phi Alpha at Millersville University: How to navigate life after college & trusting your process.

  • Coatesville Youth Initiative: Manifesting YOUR dreams.

Mission Statement & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Our Mission statement is to impact and equip individuals to make that life shift that is necessary in order start to create a life they envision.


Our Philosophy is by believing in yourself and maximizing your effort levels, anything is achievable.

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